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METER ACCURACY AND CONTROLLING MEASURES: All meters installed by the Co-op have been thoroughly tested prior to installation. As part of our maintenance program the Co-op will change your meter every seven years and send it in for testing and recalibration.

PRESSURE FACTOR METERING: The meter set in your yard registers a cubic foot of gas as gas is passed through your meter. The meter cannot determine what pressure the gas is going through at, so for every revolution of the meter it registers one cubic foot. If the gas is going through at five pounds of pressure, it still measures one cubic foot, except more gas is going through at five pounds; therefore, a pressure factor has to be applied to get actual consumption. Pressure factoring varies throughout the province because of different elevations. The pressure factor for your area is stated on your gas bill.

METER READING: Customers are required to read their own meters on the same day each month. If two consecutive readings are missed, the Co-op may send out a representative to read the meter and the customer will be charged a penalty of $35.00 Not only does the consistent reading of your meter keep your gas charge current, but it also assists in our ' gas balancing to compare wholesale purchases with retail sales. **Meter readings may also be left on our answering service after business hours. BILL PAYMENTS Payments and readings are due in our office by the 5th of each month. Please read your meter at about the same time each month and enter the reading in the appropriate place on your gas bill. If your property is not a permanent residence, please have your meter reading phoned in at your earliest convenience. Payments may be made at any financial institution, or via telephone banking or Internet banking, or at our office in Fairview at 10908 92 Avenue. We also have an after hours mail slot in front of the building.

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